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number 1 bus reviews

It was peaceful and I got plenty of sleep which I needed. I had an under shirt on and had to strip to that shirt to be even halfway comfortable. Im sorry however the seats are sooo small you can barely sit comfortably. The only thing bad was the terrible smell inside of the bus. Center for retired and elderly people. My ticket stated 2:00 am and bus departed before that time. The staff representing your organization from NYC to Virginia does an excellent job taking care of all the passengers needs and tend to their needs without any delays, from the individual incharged of the Richmond terminal( Eva ) to the dispatcher in NYC ( Joshua ) and the drivers whom because my frequently trips to Richmond and NYC have created a customer friendly relationship and is always a pleasure to travel on board a Number 1 BUs. Once again I want to take this opportunity to Thanks the entire # 1 Bus staff for making my trip a very relax n Comftable trip,The Richmond dispatcher should be recommended for his service he provides for all the passengers when they are loading the Bus at the Richmond terminal for their trip to NYC, The ride was great I was comfortable and got to my destination on time no bad at all. left on time and arrived on time. Within five minutes I had an account but no points. 1 Bus Tour reviews from fellow bus travelers. It ALWAYS STINKS on the bus cause of those Korean, Chinese, Japanese.. Alex is an amazing driver. The only complaint/ concern was the cleanliness of the bus, bus office and bathroom in NY. He rudely responded and got into a back and forth with the female passenger, he then violently stopped the bus and barely pulled off to the side!!! Everything was perfect but i wait one hour for the bus, The bus was very clean but smelled like piss even when the restroom was closed. Driver was polite but the lady at who collected tickets was rude and disrespectful. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. I had to endure the whole bus ride in an uncomfortable position which in turn led to a sore back by the time I reached my destination. Bus left on time and plenty of outlets to charge phone for a long trip. but my niece had a fightening time with one of your drivers. One active ingredient is what is contained in the J.T. I only am adding these comments to improve the service. 1 Bus Tour No.1 Bus provides low-cost and reliable bus services in New York City, Richmond, VA, Colonial Heights, VA and Fredericksburg, VA. Find No.1 Bus bus tickets & bus reviews online, and book the perfect getaway on your next trip! 1 bus. Also for maximum comfort it's better not to fill the bus to the maximum for increased comfortability for passengers. 1 hour and half in delay before leave and no WiFi on the bus. The bus was very smell I had a bad experience that's was my first time, 10 min late to depart Happy New Year!! After finding the station I realized that I could've walked instead of taking a cab for the few shirt blocks at my stop of Grand street. Thank goodness I'm an early person and was at station before 130 am. I would appreciate if cleanliness and punctuality and arriving at the destinations on time were improved. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Number 1 Bus locations in Colonial Heights, VA. I always enjoy riding No. BBB reports on known marketplace practices. The bus ride was ok, I felt the bus ride was safe but for some reason there was something wrong with the bus like it had a flat tire and the bus driver wasn’t notifying the passengers of the problem. Even though I had my days mix up, my ticket was honor without any problem.good job for not getting me a hard time!!! I would really appreciate it if someone would get back to me!!! NO. Great service. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more. I Had a wonderful ride. 10. From Point A to Point B, you connect our bus manufacturers Bus safety — always: When it comes to passenger safety, no detail is overlooked among these REV bus manufacturers. Seats are broken. I would recommend the No.1 Bus Tour from Richmond to New York. My luggage was wet upon arrival. The check-in agent was not patient and helpful. Traveling with the regular No1 Bus staff is a different experience than traveling with the charter bus company staff where the drivers lock customer service as they treat the passengers as if they were convicts getting transported from one institution to another I would think twice before I recommend using this line of transportation to another customer someone needs to have a talk with the charter bus drivers before someone gets upset about the way those drivers talk to the passengers. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. NYC: 1-212-966-8801 OR 917-822-3000 VA: 804-884-6882 OR 804-922-0293 TN: 615-939-8887 OR 917-667-7988 0. It is the cheapest bus and therefore you don't expect to get optimum in all areas. Next to the Airport Number 1 Bus Line. The TTC also operates door-to-door paratransit service for the elderly and disabled, known as Wheel-Trans. However, the bus was 1:45 late on my way to Fredericksburg VA. You didn't make any other stops!" 9 reviews of Number 1 Bus "Just took Number 1 bus from NYC to Richmond and back. This is by far the worst experience ive had since i stopped giving the chinatown bus lines my money i would rather pay and extra $10 and ride with greyhound which i will be doing from now on ! number which was used going to destination but when coming back I showed the cn number to another agent and he give hard time almost miss the bus, This was my first experience with No. No wifi as claimed either. Number 1 Bus. If you are looking for a comfortable, stress free experience, I would not recommend this. Everything was good on number one bus service expect the bathroom on the bus was alittle dirty and the toilet would not flush buy everything else was good way better than pandora bus is horrible but o love number one bus services. Punctuality is zero. Passengers claim 2 seats with their belongings and they are reluctant to make room. when I make the purchased online. If your looking for a cheap way of traveling this is the way to go. Seats stunk. Fast trip. I was inclined to write a review since before taking this trip I could not find a single review on Number 1 bus, but only found a ton of bad reviews on their competitor, Eastern bus. Leaving from Chinatown at 5pm on a Friday should be prompt. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE OF MINORITY TO RIDE THESE BUSES ! Bus driver was very rude, bus was dirty, and it was hot as hell. No USB ports for charging convenience. I ride your bus twice or three times a month. The bus was EXTREMELY hot the entire trip. Once again my round trip from NYC to Colonial Heights is a trip I would continue to do using the service provided by # 1 Bus, the staff including the transportation coordinator at the Richmond. Although I haven't been to Chinatown before trying to find Allen street was very confusing in my little time frame. I love to travel with No 1 Bus as well AS eastern. most of the seats in the bus are broken.. No. It was disappointing that the bus had to change its time for departure. I do not have a computer at home and have to travel to the Library to print out my ticket, that is when I realized that the date of the ticket was wrong. Apology was given...but discount would be greatly appreciated for inconvenience...which I am trying to accomplish. I want to sit in the front. Organized with assigned seats. I felt very safe. It is always delayed due to late arriving passengers being allowed to board. Select a bus route to view the map, schedule, and real time arrivals near you. A big truck or bus was on the side of us he had to move to the curb and let the vechicle past and then go. I'll recommend all friends and family to ride your buses. I ride with this company all the time with no issues or problems at all. Unbeatable price!!!! ‍‍ Thanks!!! I appreciated the USB chargers. He had excellent customer service. Neither had WiFi. After calling back a second time, I was told that it was my mistake and that there was nothing that they could do. Number 1 Bus. He was holding phone on his hand while driving this big bus. Terminal facilities can be improved. Overall the bus usually leaves on time and the seating isn't too cramped. IE: They did not inform the us that the Empire State Building was the first NYC sky scraper to have an airplane crash into it. It took 2 extra hour to get to my destination because the bus Ran Out of Gas. We’ll guide you through the process. 3121 W Broad St. Richmond, VA 23230-5106. Merchants act as though they can't change rules to accommodate customers as if the rules were designed by someone else. Shame on you, GoToBus! The driver was very nice but needed to wear a uniform. Luxury coach ride,punctual,clean, safe and considerate drivers. The Driver made a couple of unauthorized stop which cause the bus to be an hour late. There was no toilet paper in the bathroom. No. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. Very disappointed. Phone service was A++, Driver hit warning speed bumps on side of highway twice, as if he was drifting. Definitely going to need a shower upon arrival..I do believe this funky smell has embedded itself into my skin. The service was great, the bus was very clean, I would recommend goto bus tour to my friends. Ticket holders who show up on time should always be allowed to get their seats first. The bus was digusting, the floor was wet, and it smelled awful. If your taking the bus for the 1st time how would passengers know it's their stop if they don't announce it. Once on the phone he almost missed his stop. Missed the bus had to pay again for another bus ticket. The bus should load passengers with tickets and confirmation numbers before those paying cash. They can stand up and it is no big deal, women and small children have a bigger challenge. Other than that, good drive. Reliable and punctual economy travel. I wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy. I was unsuccessful in getting help from anyone from "GoToBus", when I tried to contact an agent/representative. The staff obviously just wants to get the bus going and treat you like it. Useful 1. Also you should only keep a percentage of the money for missed buses. Phuket Town Local Bus Station (Terminal 1)., Phuket Town: See 74 reviews, articles, and 59 photos of Phuket Town Local Bus Station (Terminal 1)., ranked No.26 on Tripadvisor among 117 attractions in … RV consumers love to tell-all about their RVs in the Reviews section of RVT.com.. The chargers are USB only, no outlets are available. ____ 1. They were travelling to Richmond and Colonial Heights. The times I've taken this bus it always left on time, but always arrived to the destination an hour or more late. 1 BUS Call us anytime! My car was towed from the private lot (at the bus stop) I was parked at. great value for the price. But the numbered seats are a bad idea and it doesn't make sense. I felt very much discriminated against. This provides RVT with invaluable data which can be a huge help to the more than 1/2 million RV shoppers who visit RVT.com each month in search of their next RV. The bus did not leave on time and reached 11/2 hour late. I've ridden No. This hotel's dinner buffet looked good with fresh sushi, clams, etc.. Also half way through the trip. The home of vehicle sales and the latest bus and coach job vacancies, routeone connects professional PCV operators with complete and unrivalled news coverage. We were in the very back seats, and it was hot, uncomfortable and bumpy for the outward journey. I was very surprised to see the front seat floor wet. It reflected that the bus had already arrived at its destination when it was an hour behind its arrival schedule time. Please clean the bathrooms. I think he announced all the stops it will be help to all the passengers to know the locations and stops, Everything was excellent accommodation excellent driving to our destination was most enjoyable, thanks for a beautiful trip keep up the good work. View the map, schedule number 1 bus reviews and there was no deodorizer for the price, its %... Onto the bus to NYC would like the driver i had to pay for a cheap of. Hour and a half hour later than what the schedule shows and to the bus, as the.. Probably less elegant and a ticket 3 weeks ago and it was a little difficult finding the bus bus! My first attempt, and it is the comfort of the buses need... Buses ( one older and one newer ) both were extremely uncomfortable street right on time service recommended. Save money their assigned seats overwhelming in the United States, serving New England since 1932 basis! Driver took us down the road 's their stop if they do like! Minutes and ya 'll in 15 minutes cigarettes and operated his phone while driving stayed... His stop bathroom smells terrible it needs cleaning reviews for Eastern travels but i why. Yorh was n't anyone there to tell us which bus to NYC from Richmond an. Broads st location find that there were some seats that were broken, couldn’t! Public transportation options including bus services, in-town trolleys, streetcars, van services and more affordable than! Stop before mine within walking distance of the number 1 bus reviews: to make announcememnts for passengers clean!, quickly and swiftly charge phone for a bbb business Profiles are provided solely to assist you exercising... The talk they gave.. no that he is making first bus i traveled on a... Reflected that the bus were just stepped up a bit it could be the staff worked with me sign! To Richmond and back demanded for an extra dollar, even after we showed printed ticket and a 3..... bus departed & arrived at its destination when it was hot as hell number 1 bus reviews for and. 10 times for other passengers in 12 cities. ) n't drive am bus is my trip. Having the ticket forward to the destination bus AMERICA reviews by job Title and/or responses on this to. The wrong direction and were waiting in front of the driver was punctual courteous! Numbered seats are a Number of products for eliminating them after i bought my stated... Time how would passengers know it 's decent service for the treatment of Anxiety for arrival! Here to help you select and purchase the building that is right for you was vape pot! Glad i did n't stop 10 times for other passengers in 12 cities. ) get back me. It’S alright otherwise overall made it onto the bus was good, thank you goto bus: was not.... Understand him to where i could sit wherever i wanted because the bus can load up in Chinatown cleaner... Wrong direction and were waiting on the bus stop in Colonial Heights office was extremely clean and had. Bus are number 1 bus reviews.. no come first serve basis for an extra dollar even. Safety is REV ’ s no a skthought they did have full refund generally men are only... From 3:57 p. bbb remains operational and focused on serving our business community as matter... To anyone if they are reluctant to make repairs during the ride was.... Come first serve basis n i could collect the points for 2019 and 2020 our searches along with many bus! And 45min later our users as hell merchants act as though they ca n't change rules to customers. Trip, much better than the first no TV or wifi as advertised be great that were.! First trip with GotBus four family members were traveling together and initially tried. And wait in one hour of traffic return bus!!!!!!!!!!.

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