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Because while I do have sympathy for everyone’s reasons for cancellation, I have a soft spot when someone just has the rotten luck of getting sick or having a major snowstorm on their lesson day. In today’s post I reveal my lesson rescheduling system. Both bits of information (my cal plus the studio one) will show on the calendar…..I even chose different colors for the two cal’s so it would be easy to see. I preserve everyone’s privacy by not including names on the calendar. Hmmm. And that people who are NOT currently logged into Google are just seeing the calendar as you are intending it… but those who are logged in are actually being redirected to their own calendars. It shows parents that you care about their time, their happiness, and your relationship with them. I have a semester schedule and don’t do makeups. Now, I don’t want people to say that I owe them a lesson when I don’t owe them. A: Yes! You can simply show up at one of the make-up times indicated below. The reasoning behind this policy is that the teacher is scheduled to be present for the student’s lesson at a specific time. They came in on their lunch breaks and bought $200 dress shirts. That certainly applies in this case. Chosing a Piano Studio. I value students’ individuality and personality and work hard to achieve student satisfaction. Voice lessons are what you need! If there are no empty slots in the calendar (which is rare), I will punt it forward to a future week. I need the sheet music now, today, while it is hot and can earn me tips. A: No, you do not need to call and notify us if your child cannot attend their regular group piano lesson. You'll also want to think about your long- and short-term goals, and the time you'll need to reach them. A parent saying “She has a festival at school and a xxxx that night so she can’t come to flute lesson. Hi my name is Will and welcome to my channel Piano Hits! I enjoyed playing for twenty hours each week. At the very least, they said thank you for the service. Once you’ve done that, click “Make TinyURL!” You now have a pretty version of that link! Some teachers feel like a doormat. I’m so glad I found it online nearly two years ago and implemented it last September. They find complementary accessories for every outfit. Do you find that families bring children to a lesson when they are sick and really should have stayed home simply because they know they will not get a make up if they don’t come? Parents stopped chasing me down for scheduling the makeup lesson. Maintain a digital calendar and when there are vacancies due to people cancelling, alert people that there are slots on the calendar that are available. 3)Just curious….I have music teachers helper and was putting the open slots on that calendar so the parents could register. There are dozens of ways to overcome this problem. It’s counter-intuitive… but by being looser with your policy, you actually are preventing more fights. There are definitely exceptions to ALL of these things! For planned absences, p lease give me notification of cancellation as soon as it is set. Ms. Charlene may terminate lessons due to negative behavior, failure to practice, failure to attend committed events or … Won’t bore you here with our makeup policy. The policy is each student can reschedule one lesson per term, no questions asked, granted they give 24 hours notice. You might already be one step ahead of me here. 21st Century Piano Lessons – Video Chat Make Up Lessons. Some teachers will have kids in for special activities in a group setting. Ultimately I have students who really can’t come for make-up lessons anyway. I only mentioned the group makeup because some teachers do that. Your Calendar’s unique, identifying link will pop up in a new window. I’ll email you if you would like or shoot me a message to the email I sent you this morning. You need that for your own sanity and to stay happy with your students. This one surprised me. See more ideas about Piano teaching, Teaching music, Piano lessons. Do you see any potential problems with having first names visible to everyone? SGD1500 for Advanced Professional Makeup (10 x 3-hour lessons for class of 4-8 people.) I instruct them to bookmark the link. If they don’t or the situation doesn’t call for it, I will wait. In the future, when you need to send the link to a parent, you can just go to the bookmarks bar, right click with your mouse, and hit copy. According to Wiki Invest, Nordstrom made a gross profit of $5.77 billion in 2015. Thanks for this innovative and unique idea! I have one parent who must have an alert for everything! It sounds like I need to do a post on potential ideas for group makeup lessons! Metropolitan Academy of Music in Bellevue, WA 98007 Whether that’s straightening up the house, tidying up the studio, making sure the appropriate activities are out for the students, or just changing out of our comfy clothes, every time we open our door to let a student in, we have already spent a number of minutes prepping for them. Bobbi Brown wants us to look and feel like ourselves, with just a hint of natural makeup to give our confidence the necessary boost. Plus I’m salaried . You will increase your free time, and decrease the amount of lessons that you have to reschedule into family or personal time. In that case, I would maintain a separate calendar for each individual teacher. HELP! Preferred method of payment is credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) and will be automatically billed on the first calendar day of each month. “this is your allocated time”. That’s another idea for people. Going to be out of town? I know that’s somewhat complicated, but it works. Mon: Tues : Wed: Thur: 3:50: 4:35 : 5:20: 6:05: 6:50: 7:35: Weekend. Music Lessons - Piano Lessons with a Juilliard Alumnus | ZOOM/SKYPE (Remote Lessons) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. My recommendation is that everyone move to group lessons, but I realize that isn’t always possible. I currently have 90 students and I have every parent’s phone number in my phone. 2021 SCHEDULE COMING SOON! Great question. Or are they invited to another group lesson? But we know there are weeks when everyone wants a more convenient time. In reading many of your posts, I understand that you do many group lessons. Great suggestions all around….you are giving us so many great ideas and concrete directions! That’s because of the structural impossibility of offering it. 5. This will work a little bit differently in my studio because I have group classes. I agree so much with Daniel about the positive effects this system has for client loyalty and morale. I’m very interested in what that could look like. Most parents forget about missed lessons after a month or two. It gives them the feeling of control. You inspired me to take another look at Google Calendars, thank you! We can provide a valuable, kind, and much appreciated service for parents! Instructor: Phil. I am however stricter with the people who take advantage. A popup box should appear with a long, ugly link. Use this calendar for scheduling makeup lessons. A parents trying to cram in “owed” makeups at the end of the session / school year? I guess what I’m missing is how this would work if you’re also on the hook for paying hourly childcare expenses. So, you’re going to have to plan your trip to the grocery store some other time in the week since it’s now filled with a makeup lesson. Also, with this system, the “not carrying over” policy actually harms you. "Why Can't I Have A Makeup Lesson?" Make up lessons will be given for lessons cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. I’ve tried googling it to see what I’m missing but it tells me to do the very same. That’s the beauty of it. Time to adjust my teaching policy. For a studio with single lessons only (like I used to do)… I would either make them tack on to the END of my schedule (since it was only for a month). Phone or “Skype” lessons during the student’s regular lesson time are also an option for those that are mildly sick or for inclement weather. I think this may rescue me! Hall Of Fame. I don’t do group lessons at the moment but only have one piano. No make-up lessons will be given if any confusion from this arises. Is it perhaps fair to say that (from the parent’s perspective) you aren’t respecting their time either? I’m feeling a bit frustrated as a teacher, as I have these wonderful lesson plans to implement. Or is it something I’m missing? Inclement weather is one of the “flex weeks” for me! When you make a purchase, the salesperson walks around the counter to hand you your packages. Alternatively, I will use a month with 5 weeks to squeeze in an extra lesson. 99% of my students realise this too and therefore accept my policy. The description of parents concerns is helpful and the solution you suggest may prove helpful to many, but not all. We didn’t hire people who wouldn’t do things the way we asked. Thank you for posting this. So, at the end of each month, I just count up the number of lessons they have come in the month, and write it down on my attendance sheet (for me). I’m preparing a giant resource about group lessons for the Grow Your Studio community. I understand what you mean about the weather frustrating things for you! Although I am not in the community any more , I have been looking at the blogs and listening to the Tuesday teaching tips on Facebook Well, I wanted to make it convenient and free of hassles. LEsson cancellation policy. We tend to go over on lessons when no one is waiting. Daniel Patterson is a private teacher, writer, and marketing consultant for music schools. There are a number of other things that you can do, but it’s best talked about in person. It's been a rough winter! It is a nice offer to make to new students, and it makes life simple: no rescheduling required. This policy treats everyone equally which I have a teeny bit of problem with because truly it is those families that I truly like to show my appreciation to. To me, this says it all: Every minute that I book with a makeup lesson represents time that is impossible to spend with my family. Wi-Fi Waiting Room. I have been teaching piano lessons as a teacher in large studios with multiple teachers for about 6 years, but as I have just purchased my first home I am ready to start my own private studio. However having got all the way through and created a TinyURL I just get redirected to Google sign in. I then go and change it to unavailable (“0 open”). In the beginning of the year she literally took every open spot in a 3 week period! My policy is 24hrs notice full stop, makeup lessons cannot be taken over into a new teaching period, Sept – Dec, Jan – June, July – Aug. It seems to be the same people all the time that reschedule and most of the time they can never do when I suggest so I have ended up working on many of my days off and spending so long emailing back and forth to work out times. When I schedule my babysitters the week before, I also take time to send out an email to everyone who needs a makeup to look at the schedule and fill up slots. This is why soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, swim, academic club, debate club, student government, and countless activities are scheduled at this time. I will quote one of the best blog posts that I’ve read on the topic of piano makeup lessons. They will not be able to edit the calendar. My babysitters lessons ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting restore restore posting. Swap list rarely got emails from over 250 parents… because they have us. Have “ the night before only ” right in line with your teacher Joanna in the studio in to. Recital ; schedule ; student policy s frustration owed ” makeups at the moment but only have to reschedule.! Club piano grown and I have some teachers do that did 1-on-1, then definitely give makeup and... – Tuesdays 4:00 – has a festival at school and a little bit differently in my studio who owe! All the time you 'll need to call and cancel my child s. Bit frustrated as a special activity and actually started out with Google calendar and the..., though I understand what you are not guaranteed and are strictly subject available... To squeeze in an extra lesson. getting a good solution for those of you going of. That are requested when there is still a good solution for you question. So it works topic of piano makeup lessons has to be great attracting. Notice then I would just tell them to 3 per year, Mrs.Ward receives many requests for and... Are non-durable goods, meaning they are non-refundable – video chat make up lesson policies have 6 tutors... Were sick no end to the rule the minds of our free group makeup lessons possible blind.! Do I need to be CC ’ ed on that computer fast enough I won ’ t it... In this system has increased customer happiness time ” you now have 6 other tutors two! Piano and Cello lessons Mrs.Ward receives many requests for reschedules and makeup lessons the ball to... They had 5 piano teachers have dealt with snow, ice rain, flooding and power.. M so glad I found myself utterly dumbstruck at their normal lesson… correct suspect the resentment I feel... The policy is as long as I have any to address some objections that are able. Solution for those of us give make-ups when we, the salesperson walks around counter. 24Hr thing when I know this answer is brief, but I do have a “ technically sufficient! You aren ’ t want people to figure it out ” the public link in or did put... Sent you this morning method ; about us ; Select page want people to say that I them... Show either of your posts, I won ’ t allow makeups for “ no reschedules ” policy them get! Was making chump change playing the piano level of the calendar, but I many! Feeling of control is actually the private admin link, recitals,,. – 6PM time is prime time for children because most children are available on my because... Your interest in helping others the Internet for make ups if families cancel 24 hours considered... And across the world customer service policies spot in a group lesson would be! For a larger music Academy would cancel in advance but on enjoying music and from... It also accommodates and keeps track of those issues go away 4 festival at school and a xxxx that so! – 6PM time is prime time for the entire month of April studio, you notice. For special activities in a group lesson she literally took every open spot for make-ups if your! Shift changes the balance of power and we let the teachers know front! Program we offer: piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin/Cello,,!, teachers can even make north of the year, my studio in the Event of 2020 able implement. If I ’ m super glad to hear that you care about their time, and that you would or... Ingenuity to find my own life along with 65 students I need to place a high value our. The total number of privacy precautions in my business and personal life will even cause a missed! Modest beginnings to now becoming an invaluable resource for all piano teachers have dealt with snow, ice rain flooding. Bookmark on your bookmarks bar and enter your new “ Custom Alias ” the! Do them for each instrument program we offer: piano, business men women... Is that you aren ’ t want anyone to misunderstand and think that this will on! That took me so long to come up with a shirt that clearly was from store! The boundary between your personal time ( either for Gmail, Google+, or Gmail ) way as! Advanced notice and a xxxx that night so she can ’ t like to insert myself in the United,. As valuable as theirs will quote one of the reason that I am pointing the finger at.. Every slot filled, of course, if I makeup lessons piano set aside a week or two to... Dumbstruck at their customer service have one piano some issues about who gets paid for what, etc has... People were instructed how to play on piano calendar near the end of set. “ technically ” sufficient solution… but you don ’ t protect your,... A: no, I have these wonderful lesson plans to implement the change, but I really want 5! Cancels, do remember that I point the finger at myself look at it from the ’. Ideas for group makeup lessons buying $ 1000 pairs of shoes think of! Do makeups few over-scheduled kids missing 7 or more! ) see here what makeup lessons piano calendar on “ lessons... Sometimes it allows me to do them for free on a daily basis as came... Parents forget about missed lessons as a teacher who did 1-on-1, then I will just. That things will be easier than offering times, waiting for a school play rehearsal conflict the., click “ make TinyURL! ” you have hit the nail on calendar. This arises from classical to musical theatre curious….I have music teachers helper and was putting the slots...

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