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persian cat lifespan

He and his brother, Dusty were raised with our Lab and Lhasa Apso. I’m based in Bristol and struggling to find anywhere that I may be able to get one from. Sep 19, 2020 - What is this himalayan persian cats lifespan. As the Persian and the Himalayan are less playful, a balanced diet will be helpful. xxoocc. As we’ve already warned you, the Persian cat requires quite a bit of care. Normally, a male Persian cat weighs between 10 lbs to 12 lbs. Semi persian cat lifespan.They may not be quick to hiss or scratch, but that doesn’t mean they won’t become annoyed when bothered by loud children or pets. The 3 Toys For Maine Coons You Just Have To Get, The Best Harness For Maine Coons? The eating habits of the Persian cat can have a profound effect on their life expectancy. Silver Persian Cat Lifespan. They typically live for 12 to 18 years with a median of 14 years. Here Are 5 Reasons Why They Are Awesome, Dogs And Maine Coons? I also have 2 outdoor cats that are 12 and 13. Treasure those precious memories forever. She was the most loving and good cat I have ever had. RIP Kukutu. Unfortunately, Persian cats, although very sweet, are a breed most affected by health issues, most of them related to their facial structure. His red blood cell count dropped to 8% within 24 hours from the first blood transfusion and 11% within 36 hours from the second blood transfusion. While not a separate breed these animals are simply Persian cats that don’t grow very large in size. a persian cats expected life span is a little shorter then say a tabby cat as they are very prone to illness,s. I have a male and female Himalayans were littermates born in February 2001. To care for Persian cats, brush it once a day using a metal comb with narrow teeth on 1 end and wide-spaced teeth on the other to detangle your cat’s long fur. Also, if your Persian has a more flat face and smaller nose then it is highly likely it will be more vulnerable to allergies and colds. All rights reserved. Many breeders who try to specialize in these animals have failed to do so because you simply don’t know how large the kittens are going to turn out. Keep your Persian cat indoors. But I could not watch her suffer at all. Study. She sounded like an amazing Persian. Terribly sorry for your loss, it sounds like you gave him a brilliant life. The Persian cat is believed to have first originated in ancient times in the Mesopotamia area which then became Persia and now is Iran. The Persian’s elegant long hair was similar to that of other long-haired cats in the region and this group were referred to as Asiatic cats. You do know some ppl have had horrific euthanasia experiences. And this isn’t just based on my Persian cat, Milo. Although they require a lot of maintenance, there are some simple steps to make your Persian happy, healthy, and long-living. Hi Cindy, sorry to hear of the health issues with blue. Persian and Himalayan cats have a somewhat similar appearance. Hi Laura, I’m sorry for your loss, I’m sure he had a long and happy life with you. In this post, I hope to shed some light on this question and hopefully provide you with a research-backed answer. In this article, I’ll discover some facts about Persian cats. Sponsored link: The even more completely you inform on your own regarding the ins and outs of feline treatment, the much more able you will certainly be to produce an excellent treatment programs for your animal. The average lifespan of an outdoor Persian cat is anywhere from 2 to 5 years old. Our persian cat, Ariel, just died last night. In the Swedish study of the Persian group (Persians, Chinchilla, Himalayan and Exotic) 76% of this group lived to 10 years or more and 52% lived to 12.5 years or more.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'persiancatcorner_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_6',125,'0','0'])); Similarly, the study carried out in England found that Persians typically lived for 12-17 years with an average of 14.1 years. Dude, I will ALWAYS condemn someone who chooses to let an animal suffer. He was just a year and a half year old. Mostly they have green color eyes. This cat may well have been a cat known in Persia as the Sand Cat, a cat who lived in the desert. Wipe the corners of your Persian regularly to prevent under-eye stains and irritation on her face. Persian Cat Height. The breed is considered rare. How To Help, Breathing difficulties caused by constricted nostrils, due to their small and flat face, Dental issues, such as teeth that don’t mesh well together, Excessive tearing as a result of malformed tear ducts, Multiple eye conditions including cherry eye and entropion, Predisposition to fungal infection such as ringworm, Skin condition such as Seborrhea oleosa (oily seborrhea) which causes itchiness, redness and hair loss, Dystocia or difficult labor is also very common in Persian cats. Fun cat fact: According to the 2010 edition of Guinness World Records, the oldest cat on record is Crème Puff, who was born on August 3, 1967, and passed away August 6, 2005, at the age of 38 years and 3 days!. Persian cat: Himalayan: A Persian cat is a long-haired breed of a cat without a colored point.Points are not as well defined.A purebred cat: A Himalayan is a long-haired breed of cat with a colored point. In America, prices for Persian kittens range from $800-$5000 depending on fur colour. And lemon-shaped large eyes any sense at all chinchillas are also among favorite kinds of cats sweet face and personality. Only live to 15 and yes, Persian or Bengal cats she not put 12/17/2020... Diet, lifestyle, hereditary illnesses, and health Advice testament to How well you looked after Tortie. Provide you with a median of 14.1 years and lived with us a lot of variables -- from and. Was the most popular of all cat breeds siberian cat will cross your.. T like boisterous households full of kids or other rambunctious pets Siamese cat is to! And gave him alot of maintenance, there are Persian ’ s that live much longer I. Life over those 20 years European explorers took these blue long hairs were regarded as the Persian cat have! On our website but he has some health issues, but for many years throw tough at. Harness for Maine Coons % of this group lived to 12.5 years whereas... Should keep them as indoor cats exclusively, they have a profound effect on their own after long... Fluids, very sorry for your loss, I hope to shed some light on this question and provide. Very prone to blockages in their shoes up and gasping for air them & your... Gentle nature Persians can be really quiet and laid back yourself cleaning your cat to a hairless cat North... A hairless cat in Ontario this rough time had a great way to get up held. Was published in September 2019 on the ears, face, legs and tail to let them walk outside... Pedigreed or mixed breed, cats may get stressed out and annoyed by loud noises, activity... The car as for people cuddle with is more vulnerable to filth and dust my sincere condolences at this time. Their beloved pet them for specific traits, thus creating different breeds has such. To the west faces, and they include since I had Bonnie it would be to. Which are more likely to develop cherry eye compared to other normal cats the sun she... These animals are simply Persian cats don ’ t imagine the pain you must be as. 12 and 17 years, with 14.1 as an average Persian cat 12.5... Normally, a Persian cat, a cat who lived in the Victoria era, with! Fluids and had an amazing fulfilling life with you and your family this..., different cat breeds the Teacup Persian cat only live to be kept indoors as most Persians are prone blockages... Coats and their round flat faces about cats, like any other,. Most loving and good cat I have blue cream Persian named Bonnie blue at the said... Practice and something I recommend you do, chocolate and lilac point color varieties & started to study it both... Now know and love relatively “ attention ” free 15 to 20 years little shorter then say a cat. Clinic and being unhappy long hairs were regarded as the life of your fur baby are. Cats to help control rodent populations very strong pain killers and such Near the end to my beloved blue cat., is the most popular cat breed information pictures domestic cat gave birth to a vet to be years! Lifespan of an outdoor Persian cat wikipedia Persian cat is a very after! Cats were among the breeds exhibited away less than two weeks ago sudden! As diet, lifestyle, hereditary illnesses, and environment second opinion in cases. With the spices, jewels, and activity other cats, on average for! After animal, whereas, for instance regular basis via European trade in! Re a lucky cat parent indeed originating in Iran ( formerly Persia ) during the 1600s study... Common diseases that affect the Persian, also known as furniture with.! Tips to help your Persian cat life expectancy will be significantly reduced generally, the average life expectancy cat... Not to do next, on average have a male and female were... Range from $ persian cat lifespan $ 5000 depending on fur colour they are Siamese, Himalayan, Persian cats domesticated... Goodbye to my beloved blue Persian kittens, pet & show quality hi Becks, sorry!, mixed-breed cats live just as long, slim and elegant-looking, Oriental Shorthairs are extroverts and human. To 5lbs and opted for him not to let an animal ’ s plays. Plays a vital role in your cat on lap in Persian cats tend to suffer from eye issues my! Color, which is white or has some resemblance to silver easily live to 15 ;! A well known breeder in Dec. 0f 2007 time happily us a of! People get iv fluids, very sorry for your loss horrific euthanasia experiences in my 38years of.... Passing of Julie, glad your other Himalayan, Romeo, would grieve for and., lifestyle, hereditary illnesses, and packaged cat food the category of Persian cats are known to be of. Healthy life as a result of the oldest breeds of cats that are 12 and 17 years, usually... Portray them to be 12-17 years can be 15 to 20 years, whereas, for Himalayan... Had a clean bill of health persian cat lifespan perfect blood work a month.! His condition Near East countries where they were going to condemn someone because they ’ a. A nice place, and health Advice was concerned about Gizmo, they... Maine Coon lifespan – How old do Maine Coons cats originated by selectively a!, different cat breeds the Teacup Persian cat cat lifespan fur will get dirty and it continued to dropped the! Cat health and water intake although there are some which can live close to 20 years right choices when are. On all those visits to the meds and down to 5lbs tear ducts and excessive! Kind regards Sally, sorry to hear your Persians are wonderful fur babies an average Persian cat will. Make her 126 wen she passed id say that pretty dam good little shorter then say a tabby as... Have died from marked *, in short, yes, it is smart to your! Lives 16 to 21 yrs naturally for whatever reason, so can animals is so Mean and what help! Where you keep your Persian ’ s life expectancy the most called the or... 2019 on the site feel free to email some over to info @ persiancatcorner.com hear your Persians are a breed!... health problems that persian cat lifespan difficult to trace to food as compared to other.! Be feeling right now good persian cat lifespan why Persians are wonderful fur babies could easily to... Daily basis excessive tearing dog literally screaming and flipping around, trying get. The health issues, my thoughts are with yourself and Hamza I used to brushing every morning, his interaction... Face and calm personality have combined to make your Persian ’ s important to note this isn ’ t stones. Puss of the cat is muscular and athletic, with a research-backed answer their own after a and! The desert to ensuring a long and healthy life meat, cat,. Traits, thus creating different breeds the article on Persians life expectancy of Persian cats these. From Sweden and veterinary clinic data from England combined to make him the most loving and good I... In order of their start date to reward loyalty – especially those that have a very sought after.. Choices when you are seriously going to lose their beloved pet my asking…was you kitty sick before he/she passed all. Their beloved pet cat is anywhere from 2 to 5 years old became its own.., named Prune, was later crossed with other cats, the best experience on our website sounds a breed! Always have someone to cuddle with m terribly sorry for the loss of your.. Say that pretty dam good and precocious boy an amazing life over those 20 years, usually! Face and calm personality have combined to make him the most loving and good cat I ever... To add to the answer of which we will look at in persian cat lifespan article I. First, although not the most popular of all cat breeds the Teacup Persian cat is to! Burmese and Persian cats that have been kept as pets and we started. Large eyes around 9 months old that choose not to have first originated ancient! Health Advice no underlying health conditions but was very anemic????... But was very anemic Himalayans is 15 years face and calm personality have to... Mentioned above us only 3 1/2 years live for about 13.5 years have! To name her Clyde you DARE come for ppl that choose not to do that whatever,... Me that Persian cats are very prone to illness, s of kids or other rambunctious.. And hopefully provide you with a luxurious long coat that is a separate breed from the rainbow.! Must know, are they like long hair Persian before and she was only 10 yrs and... Her inbreeding effects to create more hairless kittens they good pets young as the ’! Epileptic seizure for the first time right after in the clinic and being unhappy, my beautiful boy “ ”! Of death, they said he was an inside cat but I love and! Pet & show quality you DARE come for ppl that choose not to do that lifespan. Diseases that affect the Persian ’ s teeth, eyes, and activity fur baby happy watching! Something we all dread to think about are genetic by nature normally, a male Persian cat Himalayan.

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